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16.   Things became worse in November 2016 when he cut-off any and all support for me and our children. He stopped contributing for expenses of the children apart from their tuition. These include condominium dues, transportation expense, utilities (water and electricity), salaries of our household staff, medicine for our youngest child and other extra-curricular activities of our children. To point again, the discrepancy of Respondent’s monthly salary compared to mine is very substantial. My monthly income could not fully sustain our family’s monthly expenses, which Respondent traditionally paid for.

  1. Respondent’s deliberate act of refusing to pay for our family expenses, that are supposed to be his financial responsibilities, has caused me severe anxiety and emotional anguish, most especially because it has been affecting all my children. For one, our youngest son has growth deficiency that requires him to take shots daily, which each costs around P75,000 per 27 days.
  2. Another, our children know for a fact that we earn more than enough for all their needs. However, their father’s frugality continues to make them feel lacking since they are not able to buy the things that they need. My children would come to me and ask why we could not afford certain materials or items when our financial position would show that we are more than capable of buying such materials or items.
  3. There was one instance where my son needed a schoolbag since his current schoolbag was already dilapidated. When he asked Respondent to buy him a new bag, he said he would gladly buy him a new one. The schoolyear went by, but Respondent did not buy the new bag he promised. I took it upon myself to save money to buy him a new schoolbag instead.
  4. As a mother of four boys, it is my duty to provide for them not only their basic needs but also of a comfortable life, one which they had been accustom to experiencing, and on which is reasonable, given the amount of money my husband makes on a monthly basis. Currently, I earn money from my part-time job and consultancy, which earns me just enough income on a monthly basis. That is why, the simple fact that I had and continue to have to find ways and means to pay for all of our family’s expenses has been causing me sever mental and emotional suffering.
  5. Apart from the financial deprivation of my husband, his sexual infidelities and depraved activities with other men and women has added to the mental and emotional anguish that I have been experiencing. Add to this the fact that my eldest son knows and hears stories of Respondent having a girlfriend, which is frightening to me because such depravity is completely opposite to how we raised them.
  6. At first, I would disregard his side and opinions regarding how men looked. I thought to myself that maybe he was just really opinionated about this topic. However, when I accidentally stumbled upon reliable information and stories about Respondent and his sexual dealings and orientation, that was the only time where all the clues made sense and when my mental and emotional anguish heightened.
  7. In 2016 I discovered from Respondent’s documents, which were stored in our house, that he owned a number of condominium units in One Shangri-la, Mandaluyong City. Upon confronting him regarding this matter, he admitted ownership over the units; and after probing question, he also admitted that he uses the units for sexual activities with other people.
  8. The anguish magnified upon inspection of the aforementioned units. Inside one of the units, I noticed a huge mirror in front of the bed, likened to a motel room, along with my desk from my ancestral home. Apart from this, I found a whip, which he used during his sexual performances, along with a bag of condoms.
  9. Everything turned from bad to worse when I found several e-mails and messages from Respondent communicating with men and younger women with sexual contents and insinuations. When I finally connected the dots, this is when I truly felt the pain and anguish as his wife for over 17 years.
  10. All of these facts and circumstances have contributed to my mental and emotional suffering for the past few months. These activities are voluntary acts, which he knowingly does for the purpose of making me suffer.
  11. According to my counsel, these acts of causing mental and emotional anguish to me by Respondent constitute a violation of Republic Act (RA) 9262.
  12. On the other hand, economic abuse is described in Section 3 (D) of RA 9262:

“D. “Economic abuse” refers to acts that make or attempt to make a woman financially dependent, which includes, but is not limited to xxx withdrawal of financial support xxx.

  1. In this case, Respondent purposely withheld and controlled the financial support for me and the family in order to cause me mental or emotional suffering. Respondent knew that I do not have a stable and continuous flow of income and utilized this fact to force me to patch things up with him and be financially dependent on him. Respondent
    knew that finances were my weakness as I had always been financially dependent on him and my mother. Thus, now that he has cut off any and all support, I am left to fend for myself for me and my kids.
  2. His psychological violence also came in the form of his sexual admissions to me. As his legal wife and the mother of his children, the knowledge of him having sexual relations with other men and women definitely cause me severe anxiety and disgust.
  3. In addition, Respondent always made it a point to emphasize and gloat about all his connections in the government. He made sure I knew the fact that he knew powerful people from the Judiciary, Legislative and Executive branch. He even explained to me during one of our heated arguments that I was so naïve for not knowing that cases in this country could be bought. He explained that both prosecutors and judges can easily be paid off in order to rule in your favor.
  4. He also made it a point to show me how powerful he was given his current position in the government. Aside from name dropping people he knew, he would make sure I knew the things he does and the privileges he had given his position. He even told me that if I filed a case against him, that the prosecutors and judges would not take me seriously.
  5. All the blustering and gloating were apparently psychological shots on me in order to make me feel completely powerless and afraid to fight back or do anything against him. The distress it brought me to really affected my emotional state.
  6. Hence, all of Respondent’s actions, taken together, show that Respondent clearly violated RA 9262 for causing me mental and emotional anguish.
  7. This criminal complaint is without prejudice to all other criminal, civil, administrative complaints I can file against Respondent. I have in my possession other pieces of evidence to prove the true character of the Respondent but chose to reveal them at the proper time and venue.

For the sake of her children, Patricia is breaking her silence!


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