BINIBINING CEBU 2017 Miss Carmen and Miss Catmon


Moselblick Madera (left) and Trixie Ann Medalla

FIFTY-FOUR lovely ladies are showcasing the best of their towns and cities in the first ever Binibining Cebu pageant to be held on Oct 28. Here are Moselblick Madera of Carmen and Trixie Ann Medalla of Catmon.

Moselblick Madera
Age: 20
Town: Carmen
Hobbies/Interests: Dancing, singing, playing sports like volleyball, softball and basketball
Titles: Miss Southern Leyte 2015 3rd runner-up, Miss Earth Southern Leyte-Air 2015, and Miss Isabel Leyte 2016 1st runner-up

COMPETING with other candidates who are more experienced than her is an honor rather than a challenge for Moselblick Madera.

“Each of us have our own reasons, motivations and an advocacy that we want to work on,” she said.

Madera is the official candidate for the town of Carmen which is known for Uragay Mountain Spring Resort located in Barangay Corte. Carmen has Cebu Safari Zoo, owned by Michel J Lhuillier, which houses lions, zebras, camels, giraffes, tigers and other animals. Given the chance to promote Carmen, she will use social media through posting pictures and video blogging.

Trixie Ann Medalla
Age: 20 Town: Catmon
Hobbies/Interests: Reading, poetry and going out with friends
Job: Part-time modeling under Ozar Models
Titles: Bb Lubi Lubi 2012, Miss Naval Tourism 2013, Miss Hindang Tourism 2014, Miss Earth Southern Leyte Fire 2015, Bb. Ormoc 2015 2nd runner-up, and DPWH Best Muse 2016

ALTHOUGH she already has experiences in pageantry, Trixie Ann Medalla considers Binibining Cebu as his first big pageant and she feels surreal sharing the same stage with other candidates who are more experienced than her.

Medalla wears the sash for Catmon, a town in northern Cebu which is 57 kilometers away from Cebu City.

Catmon has a famous beach resort called the Huna Huna Cliff Resort.

“What makes it special is that it is a replica of Greece,” she said.

If you’re up for hiking, Catmon has Mt. Kapayas, the second highest peak in Cebu.

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