BINIBINING CEBU 2017: Miss Argao and Miss Medellin


COME pageant night on Oct. 28, 54 lovely ladies will take centerstage as they vie for the first ever Binibining Cebu title.

Two of these candidates are Tracy Mauren Perez of Argao and Nica Zosa Nabua of Medellin.

Here’s more of them:

Tracy Maureen Perez

Age: 24

Town: Argao

Hobbies/Interests: Eating and travel

Job: Associate Software Engineer 

Titles: Ms. USC- TC 2011 and Ms. Cebu 2016 -1st runner up

TRACY Maureen Perez feels inspired to give the same enthusiasm and same level of performance as she takes a shot at the Binibining Cebu crown.

Perez wears the sash for the municipality of Argao, a town in southeastern Cebu which is 73.5 kilometers away from Cebu City.

Argao is known for Torta de Argao and Tableya de Argao.

“We also have beautiful mountains, caves, and beach, and waterfalls,” Perez said.

Argao is also famous for the traditional weaving industry featuring “Hablon,” which has been passed down

from generation to generation.

“This is something unique to Argao and this is what makes our town special,” she added.

Nica Zosa Nabua 

Age: 18

Town: Medellin

Hobbies/Interests: Going out with siblings and friends, and eating seafood

School: Bachelor of Science in Biology at Velez College 

Title: Bb. Toledo Independence 2017

NICA Zosa Nabua admits she is afraid to explore the big world of pageantry but thanks her handlers for the experience which has helped her come out of her shell.

Binibining Cebu is Nabua’s second pageant and she is proud to represent the town of Medellin, known as the Sugar Bowl of Cebu.

“We don’t just only value our tourism but also our surroundings and that is what I love about Medellin,” she said.

She believes by Binibining Cebu, she can help entice more tourists to visit the town and the entire Cebu province.

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