Big Data x real estate: Fear or awe?


A LITTLE taste of Big Data: Average condo properties in Mandaluyong appreciated in value by as much as 10 percent.

Demand for condos above P8 million in the city has grown by 4 percent, which peaked in the second quarter of 2016.

There is an insufficient supply of condo developments ranged between P10 million to 12 million.

From Lamudi Philippines’s latest nationwide data service: The Oracle, set to roll out tomorrow at a demonstration event in Manila House for real-estate executives.

Dr. William Yu, Digital Transformation (DX) guru of the Philippines, MDI-Novare, chief technology office

Lamudi, with over 70,000-plus relevant property listings receiving 100,000-plus monthly inquires, generates over 11 Million real-estate data patterns in a month. Positioned as the Philippines’s primary source for everything real estate, Lamudi will distribute the data-driven analysis through The Oracle to help its partners make informed decisions regarding where and what to build, at what price and for whom. According to Lamudi Managing Director Bhavna Suresh Chathambeth, the product chalks out trends in the local real-estate market, and narrows down the findings based on location, property type and price range. “The power of combining the vast industry knowledge our partners have with the extensive information we collect for The Oracle, I believe we can do incredible things together for the market”

Brad Geiser, marketing futurist, cofounder, GeiserMaclang

Set to be officially launched on June 29, at the Manila House in Bonifacio Global City, Lamudi’s Oracle aims at offering real-estate developers and marketers a data-driven perspective on the conditions of the Philippine real-estate market.

Slated to speak at the launch is Dr. William Yu, lecturer for computer science studies in Ateneo de Manila University/Novares Technologies:

“This era of more data is both a challenge and an opportunity—a challenge to ensure privacy rights are respected and data is used responsibly and an opportunity to open a whole new space that is data driven with the creation of new products, services and models that are data first.”

Holding the panel discussion will be Eric Manuel, Urban Land Institute of the Philippines chair man of programs:

Bhavna Suresh, country, manager, Lamudi Philippines

“The entire spectrum of real estate is impacted. From investors to occupiers, and from acquisition to operations to disposition of properties, Big Data is already an integral part of the competitive game. The winners of the Future of Real Estate will be the ones who can analyze that raw data and turn it into useful information.” Joining him will be Geiser Maclang’s marketing futurist, Brad Geiser

“There is tendency to feel that technology-driven decision-making is unnecessary in the face of expertise and gut feel. Unfortunately, there are dozens of unsellable buildings across the country acting as landmarks to this problematic mind-set. Millions are wasted on desperate marketing efforts, crazy sales incentives, brand-damaging price cuts trying to move these white elephants before they are quietly written off to experience. With new and affordable access to massive, immediate consumer behavior; expertise and gut feel finally get a much-needed cross-check.”

Lamudi is a leading global property portal focusing exclusively on emerging markets. It offers sellers, buyers, landlords and renters a secure and easy-to-use platform to find or list properties online. Lamudi was established in 2013 in Berlin, Germany, and it is currently available in Asia (the Philippines, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Myanmar, Pakistan and Sri Lanka), Latin America (Mexico, Colombia and Peru) and the Middle East (Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates). Within fewer than three years, Lamudi has established its presence as a key online real-estate marketplace in the countries where it is operating.

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