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L’Oréal Paris and Clarins are all about making a difference for your face with the launch of their brand new lines


By Maggie F. Francisco

  • Pure Clay Mask D.I.Y Area lets us make our very own eye masks while waiting for our masks to set

  • LOréal Paris Pure Clay Masks are finally here with four variants: Hydration

  • LOréal Paris Pure Clay Masks are finally here with four variants: Illuminating

  • LOréal Paris Pure Clay Masks are finally here with four variants: Detoxify

  • LOréal Paris Pure Clay Masks are finally here with four variants: Anti-Pores

  • Multi-Active is the non-stop skin care duo designed for women on the go

If you don’t already know by now, skin care is the new makeup. By this, I mean, while we still enjoy our foundations, eyeliners, lipsticks, and blushes, a dewy, glowy, healthy skin is still the best.

Of course, there are some skin-care staples that are tried and tested, such as drinking plenty of water, washing your face, and taking lots of vitamins. But even in your current routine, it’s still great to have a game-changing product to give you a clear and radiant complexion with almost no hassle.

Mix and Match

At the Le Grand Tower 3 recently, L’Oréal Paris launched three new clay masks, designed to give you that luxurious at-home spa experience—at a drugstore price point!

With a girls-day-in theme, we had the ultimate masking experience with Pure Clay Masks (P399 each) in three variations—Illuminating for rough and dull skin, Hydration for dry skin, and Anti-Pores for oily skin. Each mask is designed to address one’s skin concerns from dullness to oiliness to dryness. A unique way of masking was also introduced: multi-masking, which is essentially the use of several different face masks at one time, applied to specific areas of the face in order to achieve more targeted results.

The art of multi-masking is achieved in a few simple steps. First, press an oil film to a newly washed and dried face (see the differences between your T-zone, your cheeks, and your chin). Second, match the results of the film to the mask’s specific purpose. Once you figure that out, apply a thin layer of the clay masks (in my case, a combination of Illuminating and Hydration) for 10 minutes.

Tip: Don’t let the clay mask fully dry out because then it can actually draw out moisture from the skin and cause dehydration and irritation. If your mask is still too wet by minute 10, this means your skin is getting the beneficial minerals it needs from the outside, stimulating the blood flow.

After, wash the clay off and voila! You’ll see instant results on your skin. I was pleasantly surprised to see my face have that instant glow and a noticeable blush on my cheeks.

The L’Oréal Paris Pure Clay Masks are exclusively available in Lazada. The Detoxify Pure Clay Mask will be available on the third week of September

Non-Stop Skin Care

In a recent study made by Clarins involving hundreds of Asian women between 25 and 34 years old in Japan, China, and Taiwan, the beauty brand found out that fine lines are one of their major beauty concerns, and that lack of sleep and stress are the two main factors that affect their skin. With millennial women always on the go, Clarins designed a skin-care range that targets the first signs of aging.

At a private brunch at Mireio, Clarins regional trainer Karen Kee introduced the Multi-Active Skin Care line. Inspired by the power of plants and the latest scientific advances, the creams are more effective than ever to help visibly reduce fine lines and boost skin’s radiance.

According to Kee, due to effects of daily stress and lack of sleep, fine lines appear and there is an overproduction of a hormone called CRH (or stress hormones), which in turn has damaging effects on the skin’s youthful qualities. “Today’s urban lifestyle actually leads to a slow down activity in the fibroblast, which is the key cell in maintaining skin’s youthfulness,” said Kee. The production of stress hormones impact the good functioning of the fibroblast, which results to evident fatigue on your face, dull skin, and so on.

Thanks to the advancement in the Clarins Laboratories, there is a new technology that targets the devitalized fibroblast: the Cell Targeting System with teasel extract, which has strong, revitalizing, and energizing properties. She added, “It works like a GPS, so it tracks and locates the fibroblasts in your skin cells. Upon finding the right fibroblast, it will start to break down and pop. It will deliver the maximum amount of teasel extract to your fibroblast directly.”

The line consists of Multi-Active Jour (Day) emulsion for normal to combination skin and cream for normal or dry skin; and Multi-Active Nuit (Night) creams for normal to dry skin or normal to combination skin.

The day cream and emulsion features the South African plant Myrothamnus, which absorbs the harmful effect of daily stress. Regular use will visibly smoothen fine lines and tone skin.

The night creams features ginger lily extracts to prevent the harmful effects of lack of sleep, to offset the lowering of antioxidant defenses, and to boost collagen production. After a month of consumer testing involving women aged 25 to 40, skin is visibly smoother, revitalized, and more radiant.

Clarins is available in Rustan’s The Beauty Source. For more info, go to

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