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You don’t have to overspend on products and treatments when it comes to pampering yourself


Let’s face it—beauty often comes at a not-so-pretty price. Not only do the best skin-care products and salon treatments cost as much as a week’s groceries, they also take time to apply and show results. When they finally do, there’s still maintenance to worry about.

Lakmé carries a wide range of coloring products that can produce any shade, while still staying gentle on the hair

Most of us see these beauty treatments as an occasional indulgence we treat ourselves to, and it’s often because we just don’t have the time to sit back and relax on that salon chair every few weeks. So, when a new trend promises gorgeous and long-lasting results, you can bet we’re paying close attention.

Lived-in color is a hair coloring technique that creates natural-looking highlights that promise to look just as good even after half a year. Jaye Edwards of Australia’s Best Salon Business-winner Edwards and Co. Salon, was recently in the Philippines to pass on their lived-in color expertise to Filipino stylists.

“It’s been very popular for the past few years,” shares Jaye. “These days, it’s more about people accentuating their natural hair color rather than trying to hide it completely. They not only want it to look effortless, but they want it to be effortless too.”

That’s what lived-in color accomplishes. With the seamless combination of various brown to blonde highlight shades on the hair, the color looks natural and almost beachy. For us naturally dark-haired girls, the words “low-maintenance” and “natural” aren’t often heard alongside blonde. But hair experts agree that the trick is in using the right products the right way.

Barcelona brand Lakmé is the hair care name of choice for the best salons here and around the world, such as Edwards and Co., as well as one of the country’s leading salons, Piandré. Lakmé carries a wide range of coloring products that can produce any shade while still staying gentle on the hair. Levels of ammonia, the harsh chemical that causes a sharp smell when you’re getting your hair colored, are much lower on Lakmé products.

Master color director of Edwards and Co. Salon, Michael Kelly with  blogger Patty Laurel

Master color director of Edwards and Co. Salon, Michael Kelly with blogger Patty Laurel

Aina Valencia, Lakmé Philippines president, explains, “We brought the brand to the country five years ago, and it’s just been spreading to many salons since, because of how well-suited it is to Asian hair.” The products are able to cancel out the brassiness that comes out especially when bleached. Plus, Lakmé’s lightener is very gentle and moisturizing, easing the worry of extra damage when going blonder.

“With these trends of natural-looking, sun-kissed highlights, and even for those who want to go platinum blonde, or a vibrant rainbow color, we have the tools and techniques now to be able to achieve your hair goals while still keeping it healthy and beautiful”, says Aina.

It’s a huge comfort to know that getting hair colored isn’t just less-maintenance now, but it’s less damaging too. Those with dreams of going lighter can now have more fun as a blonde and worry less about upkeep.


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