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Fred M. Lobo

By Fred Lobo


President Duterte has called on Filipinos to become “agents of positive change” for the sake of the country.

Help build a “better place” for the nation, he said.



The President, leading in the country’s observance of All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day, said Filipinos can draw inspiration from the lives and deeds of the saints and their departed loved ones.

“As we pause to honor our dearly departed and our saints, let us reflect on how we can become agents of positive change in our society,” Duterte said in his message.



The President pointed out that there are “many lessons to learn and so much wisdom to gain” from the saints and dearly departed loved ones.

“(So) let us contemplate on how we can make our country and this world a much better place for ourselves and for future generations,” he said.



The President said it is worth remembering role models who have enriched people’s faith and made profound impact.

“Their pursuits brought us closer to God and affected each of us on a deep and personal level. Their lives inspire us to build on their legacy, to make our mark in this world and to dedicate ourselves to causes that are greater than our own self-interest,” he said.



The President said Filipinos could rise up to the challenge of positive change.

“We are capable of bringing hope and joy to many people,” Duterte concluded.



Balanga Bishop Ruperto C. Santos, head of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of thePhilippines (CBCP) Episcopal Commission on Migrants and Itinerant People, also asked the faithful to reflect on the lives and examples of the saints.

“Saints are given to us by God. The Lord inspired them to become saints to guide us to Him and to guard us against temptations and troubles here on earth,” he said.



Santos pointed out that saints experienced sufferings but prevailed in the end.

“They underwent what we are experiencing, endured what we suffered, and yet with their fidelity to God and their steadfastness in faith, they emerged victorious against sin and Satan,” he said.



The bishop added that the Filipino faithful should imitate the saints’ obedience to God and their selfless services to their fellow men.

“Saints were just like us. They also have their shortcomings, and they also sinned. But they werecontrite, underwent conversion and change of hearts,” he said.



The CBCP official said saints spent their lives for God and at the service of their fellowmen, adding

“we can also be like them,that is, we can also be saints.”

Yes to saintly Pinoys, as the bishop prays for. Yes to “agents of positive change” as Duterte wishes.

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