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READY FOR THE BIG DAY From left: Nico Bolzico, Daniel Marsh, Kryz Uy, Gretchen Ho, and Richard Juan

Every day is a big day with a multi-layer of tasks you need to accomplish efficiently and sharply. To keep up with the challenges that come your way, your mind and body performance should never run low. And there’s no better way to do this than by starting your day with Berocca.

With its aim to support and sustain individuals through their everyday challenges, Berocca has come up with its latest campaign, #BigDay. To effectively bring its message across to its consumers, Berocca launched #BigDay recently at the Eastwood Open Park, welcoming five of today’s buzzing local personalities as its new ambassadors, Richard Juan, Daniel Marsh, Kryz Uy, Gretchen Ho, and Nico Bolzico.

During the launch, three campaign videos were aired for the first time. Dubbed the Berocca #BigDay Challenge, the videos featured the ambassadors as they go through their usual eventful days which are made crazier and even more interesting as Berocca throws them diverse challenges to test how they will react and adapt. And of course, they are able to overcome these trials and go on with their big days with the help of Berocca.

Challenge masters Richard Juan, a celebrity model and vlogger, and Daniel Marsh, a travel vlogger, lead the plots as they throw challenges to the other ambassadors. Both men live a very active and on-the-go lifestyle. Richard spends his days attending events, going to shoots, visiting various beaches, curating his social media assets, while still having the time to go out with family and friends. Daniel is practically a nomad, spending most of his days outside the metro, riding buses, cars, and planes in traversing different travel landscapes while still being able to edit and post his vlog entries. Chosen for their adventurous and zesty spirits, this duo definitely brings character and charm to the challenges.

Fashion challenger Kryz Uy, one of the country’s pioneer and top bloggers, is also a sought-after ambassador for several fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands. Based in Cebu running her own clothing and bag business, she often flies to Manila and other local and international destinations to attend sponsored events and junkets. Her impeccable and vibrant style has made her a household name in the local fashion scene. Fitness challenger Gretchen Ho, who started out as a front-runner in the ADMU Women’s Volleyball Team from 2008 to 2013, has been gracing television screens with her sports-related endorsements. She’s up at four in the morning preparing for her TV show hosting and spends the rest of her day going to numerous reporting assignments and attending events. She is able to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle doing all these while exploring her newfound passion for smartphone journalism. Last but not the least, entrepreneur challenger Nico Bolzico is showing everyone that, aside from being the funny husband of Solenn Heusaff, he is also one savvy businessman with Filipino pride. He is the General Manager of LM10, a Filipino company that aims to improve the status of Philippine agricultural business and technology in the country. Outside his office, he juggles tasks which include working out, appearing in society events, doing endorsements, and cooking and goofing of with Solenn. Despite his hectic schedule, he still makes time for his first love —horses and playing polo.

To shed light on the science behind Berocca, Dr. CJ Gloria, a medical consultant of the country’s top hospitals, talked about the mental and physical benefits of Berocca. Numerous studies have studied the effects of Berocca, which all concluded that Berocca is able to positively impact brain activity just 30 minutes after supplementation, in areas associated with working memory and attention.

Check out the Berocca #BigDay Challenge videos on the Berocca Facebook and YouTube pages and be entertained by Richard, Daniel, Kryz, Gretchen and Nico as they ensure optimum mind and body performance with Berocca, allowing them to accomplish their tasks and get through their big days.

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