Barangay councils for children ‘non-functional’


TWO KIDS find the grounds of La Paz Public Market in Iloilo City a comfortable playground, Nov. 7, 2017. The Regional Sub-Committee for the Welfare of Children (RSCWC-6) said most barangay-based councils for children in Western Visayas are functional on paper only. (Ricky D. Alejo)

THE Regional Sub-Committee for the Welfare of Children (RSCWC-6) lamented that most of barangay-based councils for children in Western Visayas are non-functional.

Raji Alvarado, RSCWC-6 secretariat said they are pushing for the reactivation of the local councils for the protection of children (LCPC) as some are only “functional on paper.”

“Out of the 101 local government units in the region, 86 are functional. But based on our observation in the field, most of them are functional only on paper,” Alvarado said.

An LCPC is deemed functional if it has an organizational structure, conducts regular meetings, and implements programs and services for children.

The local council is tasked to look into the affairs of kids in the grassroots by providing intervention and diversion program for street children and monitoring of drug cases involving the youth.

Alvarado said some barangay officials are not even aware of the LCPC despite its institutionalization since 1987.

LCPC is headed by the municipal mayor with the punong barangay (village leader) as chairperson in the barangay level.

Alvarado recognized that the council is challenged by the change in the administration every three years through the barangay election.

“Our concern now is to really strengthen the body and capacitate them to make then functional. Because there are those whom even after undergoing orientation still do not give priority on programs for children,” she said.

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