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By: Kim Atienza

Matanglawin TV recently brought us out to the Mindanao Sea as we searched for dolphins or pamilac.

Big fishes like dolphins, whales, manta rays, among others are in the sea to eat small sea small sea creatures such as krills, and shrimps, that are washed by strong currents.

Did you know that dolphins are social animals? They like to work in groups to make it easier to find food and to protect themselves from attacks of predators.

On this recent episode, we met
Johhny ‘Boy’ Karalani, a Badjao (sea gypsy) who settled in Bohol. His main source of income is through fishing and his technique is called pamamana.

Karalani, together with a diver, went out to fish. He did not have an oxygen tank with him while fishing. He kept on diving, like three times, until he was able to spot a fish. When he spotted a fish, he used his arrow to kill it.

While Johnny Boy’s way of fishing does not exploit the resources of the sea, it poses a problem should he chance upon fish sanctuaries. Such fishing style will disrupt the fishes and their homes will be ruined.

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TRIVIA PA MORE: Excerpts from the very useful book Living With Folk Wisdom by Abercio V. Rotor, Ph.D:

Garlic is useful as an insecticide by planting beside crops you intend to protect, and by making a spray solution from its cloves.

Lantana (Lantana camara) is planted along field borders and fences to repel insects from destroying field crops.

Black pepper in teabags is safer than naphthalene balls in protecting clothes and books, including piano felt linings.

Seeds must be planted at specific depths to insure their germination.

Coconut – germinate in groups with the nuts lying horizontally to the ground. When transplanting, the soil level must cover the “neck” of the seedling, but not too deep to reach the bud axil.

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