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By Kathrina Ysabel Pineda

Succulents, or succulent plants, are becoming more and more popular especially to urban high-rise dwellers.  They often have a flesh-like appearance with some parts that are thicker so the plant can retain more water; hence, they are popularly known too as water storage plants.

Succulent plants are indoor plants that need less care, well, next to plastic ones that is. But even though they require less care, it does not mean that one can just completely abandon them.  Usually found inside homes are popular succulents such as Aloe vera, Zebra Plant, San Pedro Cactus, Crown of Thorns, Hens-and-Chicks, Panda Plant, and the Snake Plant.  They brighten up any space, and at the same time have lasting benefits.

If you are like me — a frustrated green thumb (who cannot even take care of a succulent plant) then take note of these tips:

First of all, for starters, look for the green ones. The greener the leaves, the greater the chances they have of surviving longer indoors. Colorful ones, like blue, grey, and purple, are best suited for outdoor spaces.

Succulents need sunshine — 6 hours at least. That is why people tend to keep their plants sitting on their window sill, particularly, the windows facing east.

If the heat was too much for your succulent to handle, do not fret. A remedy for a sunburnt plant is to cut off the top, and propagate it.

Also, be sure that your plants have enough space for air. Even succulents need to breathe, too.

Do no put your succulents in containers that do not have proper drainage. Avoid glass or terrarium ones for succulents.  They would often get bugs and pests, and diseases from soaked soils.

Unlike other plants, succulents don’t really require fertilizers. Although if you feel like it might need one at times, be my guest.

Contrary to popular belief, succulents do need to be watered. However, overwatering may lead to drowning, and could be the end of the line for your succulent plants. The secret is balance.  Too much and too little do not work well for succulents. They pretty much like their roots soaked, not spritzed.

And just like any plants, succulents need tender love and care.

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