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By Fred Lobo

Fred M. Lobo

President Rodrigo Duterte has called on world leaders to prevent a devastating nuclear war from breaking out by talking to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

“A nuclear war is totally unacceptable to everybody,” DU30 emphasized.


World poets, likewise, called for world peace and unity at the conclusion of the successful World Poetry Festival in Hyderabad, India, graced by Indian Prime Minister Narendra D. Modi.

“Peace, love, healing, and brotherhood,” the lead PENTASI- B friendship poetry organization stressed in poems and statements circulated worldwide.


Duterte said somebody would have to assure the North Korean leader that the United States and its allies in Asia would not threaten him or oust him from power.

“Somebody has to talk to [Kim Jong] Un,” Duterte said in a press conference before flying for a two-day visit to Japan.


“It would be good for America and Japan, South Korea, and Kim Jun Ong to talk and convince him to sit down at a round table and say that nobody is threatening him. There will be no war,” the President said.

Reassurance may work better than taunts or war threats, DU30 opined.


“Just assure him, ‘Nobody is after you.’ That America is not about ready to destroy a generation or a people.That is not acceptable now,” the President said.

“Guarantee that there’s no threat in the offing, no plan to remove him,” Duterte added.


Duterte specifically said that China can calm down Kim who is considered by world leaders as a “dangerous man.”

Hurry, tap the China connection or use Chinese balm vs North Korean nuclear bomb.


Duterte said that he would also discuss the nuclear threat with Japanese Prime Minster Shinzo Abe in the course of this two-day visit to Tokyo.

From Davao with love, DU30 flies to Tokyo hoping for a “milagro.”


“My friend, why don’t you just join us in the table and talk about this,” Duterte said, referring to Kim.

Why not? A DU30-Kim “Cheers!” over Davao tuba and tuna shasimi may work wonders. He-he!


Meanwhile, world poets called in India for the promotion of harmony and world peace, primarily by poets, writers, and artists all over the world.

“Love and world peace… for the survival and betterment of humanity as a whole,” stressed PENTASI-B Friendship Poetry founder Dr. “Penpen” Epitacio Tongohan from the Philippines.


Dr. Penpen, who was declared “King of Visual Poetry” at the India Poetry Festival and PENTSI-B fellowship, called for “love and healing among all races. “

Universal love, mutual respect, and no discrimination, added world- respected poetess Roula Pollard and Jyotirmaya Thakur, among others.


Dr. L Sr Prasad, India’s “literary genius” and festival host, called for “no tricks, no politics” and no barriers to sharing and world peace.

Dr. Manthena Damodara Chary, Indias’ poet laureate, called for “peace for our future” and the “wiping of tears from the eyes and fears from the mind.”


Prof. Fred Lobo, ”World featured poet for 2107” from the Philippines called for “closeness among peoples of various cultures, broadmindedness and for peace to prevail in the world.”

Yes to peace, love and harmony, as the world poets have stressed.

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