Andrea Torres’ Jump Rope Video Is a Gross Display of Female Objectification


This Friday was ruined when I watched this video of Andrea Torres showing off her jumprope skills, asking us how many she can do. Not that there is anything with Andrea or jump ropes.

What’s wrong is how it’s clearly fetishizing Andrea. As she jumps, the video is slowed down to emphasize her bouncing breasts. She’s also wearing something that doesn’t support them so it adds extra bounce.

I felt gross watching it because the effect felt like I was watching her through a creepy, male gaze. And by the looks of the left on the video, I wasn’t alone.



IMG_7752 (1)

It’s clickbait and it’s getting a lot of attention, a projected result by the network, no doubt. As of writing, the video has over a million views and 10,000 shares. It’s quite sad as it’s preying on the idea that it’s okay to stare at a woman and to objectify her. In fact, let this major television slow it down for you so you can enjoy it more. This video is condoning the passive harassment of women, the girl watching that we are subjected to each and every day.

Whether Andrea knew of this treatment and whether she agreed to it doesn’t make it any better. Like the Kendall Jenner x Pepsi ad, the mere fact this got conceptualized and approved is what makes it outrageous. There was a group of people behind the lens who thought it was a wonderful idea to have a voyeuristic video released for public consumption.

I can already hear some people say, “If you don’t like it, don’t watch it.” I wish that also applied to how misogyny and harassment worked. Can I just switch it off as well if I don’t like it?


Screengrab via YouTube 

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