An Aussie Pacman? Trainer suggests Jeff Horn’s fight style mirrors Pacquiao’s


Manny Pacquiao will be surprised by Jeff Horn’s activity in the ring, one member of Horn’s training staff says. Courtesy of Wendell Alinea

It seems as though Jeff Horn’s team has figured out Manny Pacquiao to the point that the Australian challenger’s training staff is confident enough to lay bare its game plan for the July 2 title fight.

“Manny has never fought anyone like Jeff,” Glenn Rushton told Fox Sports Australia in an article posted on its website Tuesday. “And Jeff is the kind of fighter who is difficult to prepare for because you never know what’s coming at you.”

While Rushton couldn’t stop building up his fighter, he went further by revealing Horn’s blueprint and its finer points for beating Pacquiao, a technique Rushton calls the “broken rhythm pressure.”

“He can turn southpaw like Manny, he can hit you with right-hand leads, and he can move and fight from angles that Manny hasn’t encountered before,” Rushton said.

Dundee Kim, Horn’s conditioning coach said Horn will surprise Pacquiao with his movement and potent right hand.

Kim said he has been watching Pacquiao for years now and suggested that Horn is a mirror image of Pacquiao in his prime.
“Most guys Manny has fought come into the ring and they are predictable. Even Tim Bradley, who is a very good boxer, they all start with the left jab, right hand, left hook,” he said.

“But Jeff throws punches from everywhere. He can throw right-hand leads as fast as jabs and he can turn southpaw quickly to throw opponents off their game. His pressure technique upsets his opponents’ rhythm.

“I think Manny will really get a shock when Jeff starts hitting him hard from angles Manny hasn’t seen before.”

Pacquiao is training with Freddie Roach in General Santos City. His plan is to fly next week to Brisbane, Australia where the bout will be featured at the 55,000-seater Suncorp Stadium.

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