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A natural and botanical health and beauty brand from Australia highlights the healing properties of authentic aloe


By Kim Reyes-Palanca

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Cosmetics Manufacturers Australia general manager Joe Charandu, Grace Cosmetics founder Julie Fittler-Charanduk and Richprime Global, Inc. CEO Myrna Tang Yao

It was when Myrna Yao was having trouble with herskin, struggling with melasma and adult acne, that she would later be introduced to her new business. In 2013, she went to an Australian summit when a close friend shared her beauty secret: natural, organic, botanical, and 100% Australian manufactured brand, Grace Cosmetics.

As a Filipina entrepreneur and as CEO of Richprime Global, Inc., her 35-year success story of building a company from the ground up while modeling women empowerment shows her business is also her vocation. “I was excited to bring Grace Cosmetics here because their products are really of good quality, and their purpose is to help and encourage people from all walks of life to live with purpose and meaning. This is something I believe in as well,” says Myrna.

Julie Fittler-Charanduk, founder of Grace Cosmetics and daughter of the founders of direct-selling, family-owned business, Pro-Ma Systems, saw the same connection with Myrna’s company and was convinced. “That is the most important. The culture of the company where you care for the people and you nurture the people. We see that with Myrna and her family.”

The parallelisms in the way they run both their business was unmistakable. “Anyone can go into a business and make it work but you have to have such a high integrity product to make people want to buy again,” says Julie.

Non-invasive face lift [anti-aging] These natural anti-aging products give skin a natural and youthful glow

Non-invasive face lift [anti-aging]
These natural anti-aging products give skin a natural and youthful glow

Authentic Aloe Vera

Julie’s own skin troubles also led her to develop Grace Cosmetics. She had very bad skin as a teenager and battled acne for years. “There was no amount of money I could spend that would fix it. I knew there had to be an answer, naturally.”

With her family’s support, she searched for a cure and was led to take the healthy and natural route. She and her team created a core beauty range that harnessed the healing powers of pure, authentic aloe vera. Their premier health and cosmetics line has since developed over the years—utilizing only all-natural, clean, and green manufacturing systems in Australia, with the highest accreditation for safety and efficacy.

“Authentic aloe comes from the aloe gel, from the inner leaf itself. You don’t get the same performance in skincare with reconstituted or rehydrated powdered aloe,” explains Julie’s husband and Cosmetics Manufacturers Australia general manager Joe Charanduk.

Grace Cosmetics’ products uses certified, organically grown aloe vera. By drinking their hero product, the aloe juice, one creates an environment for the body to heal from within. Doing this while simultaneously combining it with topical products that have scientifically proven ingredients, skin is healed holistically.

Trying their All Inner Leaf Aloe Juice, one would immediately see the difference. There’s a presence of pulp and the liquid is almost clear, free from sugar or other artificial sweeteners. “Some add gum to make it taste like aloe, but it’s not real aloe vera,” Joe clarifies.

Miracle Worker [problematic skin] Detoxify, soothe, and heal problematic skin with aloe vera

Miracle Worker [problematic skin]
Detoxify, soothe, and heal problematic skin with aloe vera

Aging Gracefully

Known for its numerous benefits with its powerful antioxidant, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties, Julie says, “We realized that if we’re having problematic skin conditions like premature aging due to stress or poor diet, it’s very much likely that our bodies are suffering internally. So the organically-grown aloe vera is going to purify the body from within and make you more beautiful.”

Their aloe juice alone has changed so many lives and Julie continually gets testimonials from people who have been changed by it. She herself and her daughter (who dealt with shingles) were healed by it. “It’s high in amino acids, naturally occurring polysaccharides. You can’t reconstitute polysaccharides, that’s what God gave us when he gave us the pure inner leaf.”

Drinking the juice and following it up with their topical, aloe vera skincare, you get the full benefits of this miracle ingredient. “Daily skincare is essential because without looking after for your skin everyday is like not eating a basic diet everyday. It’s a daily commitment to improve skin. There’s no quick fix.”

In their skin-care range, there’s emphasis for non-invasive ways to treat stretch marks, sensitive or problematic skin, as well as lines and wrinkles.

For their anti-aging products, the presence of aloe vera and skin vitamins (A,C,D,E) has resulted in a significant 65% decrease in depth of wrinkles. Popular favorites include the Aloe Facelift Activator, Infinti Beauty Fluids, Infiniti C-Moisturizer, Platinum Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizer, and Vital Skin Oil.

For healing troubled skin, there’s the Aloe Hydrating Gel, Pure Aloe Gel with medical-grade manuka honey, and Aloe Medicated Skin Cream. These offer comfort for sensitive skin and skin irritations as well as detoxify, refresh, and soothe skin.

These products deliver pure aloe vera combined with potent vitamins and othercalming and soothing ingredients like manuka honey, white tea, and chamomile. A beauty formula means their products deliver multiple benefits, and are made for multiple use.

Family Values

“My mother was very instrumental in choosing the name “Grace” because we really do believe that beauty is not just external, it comes from within. And if we radiate grace, honor, goodwill, and charm—it’s a gift. And that’s the meaning of grace and that’s why we chose the name,” says Julie.

Grace Cosmetics’ natural approach and its continued tradition of being a socially and environmentally-responsible (recyclable packaging and cruelty-free products) completes its philosophy of beauty from within and beauty with a purpose. Julie’s 33-year-old family company always shares with the poor and, since the beginning, donates a percentage from all sales to educate, feed, and shelter and provide medical aid for third world countries.

Here in the Philippines, Julie and Myrna are changing women’s lives by giving women the opportunity to be entrepreneurial as beauty consultants. “Direct selling is so modern and trendy now and the young ones at the university level are studying how to build their own direct selling company. It is an attainable business for anyone.” She adds that their business model is also perfect for the younger, tech, and social media savvy generation.


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