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The Gutierrezes continue to share with fans happenings in the family both big and small via the fifth season of ‘It Takes Gutz To Be A Gutierrez’

Most celebrities use social media to connect with their public. The Gutierrezes do that – and they have their own reality show, too.

(From left): Eddie Gutierrez, Annabelle Rama, Richard, Sarah Lahbati, Ruffa and Raymond Gutierrez

On its fifth season, the family promises more excitement and surprises for eager viewers of “It Takes Gutz To Be A Gutierrez.”

Raymond Gutierrez, twin brother of actor Richard, even hinted at dropping a big reveal.

“Obviously we can’t say anything about it at the moment, we can’t even say which family member is involved but I think it will surprise a lot of people,” he said in an interview. “It’s something very exciting and people will definitely talk about it.”

The occasional TV host considers the new season a “new beginning.”

“Like Chard said, we’re turning the page on something and we are moving towards another thing,” he said. “Whether personal or career related, it’s for people to find out once the show airs.”

They are not worried at all about losing their privacy.

Sarah Lahbati, Richard’s partner and mother of Zion, related, “we are only too happy to share what’s happening in our lives if this inspires people. We don’t look at it in a negative way. Not at all.”

For real

For those who insist the show is scripted, Raymond maintained, “It’s all spontaneous and genuine.”

“Honestly, we don’t have a script. We don’t have a writer on set and everything you see onscreen is what we actually do. It is what’s actually happening, the tears, the happy moments, these are for real,” Raymond said.

“I could only wish we have a script ’cause it’s really stressful sometimes,” he added. “I’m the most critical of myself and being in a reality show just kinda makers it harder as you don’t have any control over the angles, the lighting, the makeup. You have zero control, and personally I always want to be in full control of things.”

That said, Raymond admitted he is much more relaxed now compared to season one.

“Well, I know all the people involved, that’s why, like, all the cameramen are the same so we feel more relaxed.”

Details, details

Among other things they would touch on the show is Richard’s much publicized transfer to a new network and Raymond’s physical transformation.

Raymond said it took him 90 days to lose all those excess pounds he accumulated over the years.

“It’s not just about losing weight, it’s a lifestyle change,” he shared. “So this is like a restart for me.”

So what prompted the change, we asked.

Apparently, Raymond got tired of being bullied about it on social media.

“People will learn more about my journey on the show and I hope I could inspire others who are in the same boat to do as i did,” he maintained.

Richard, on the other hand, admitted being part of the show helped him learn how to open up in public.

“Kasi nga before when I was younger, every time I was asked a question, I would answer with a one-liner ’di ba? I think being on the show and sharing our personal lives with everyone made me feel more relaxed, more comfortable not only towards people but also myself,” he related.

Not that he doesn’t have fears.

“Even on social media where you just post normal things and people criticize you for it, it kind of make you think twice. So, yes, there’s still some sort of pressure but I know how to handle it now and that’s what’s more important.”

Richard added, “What’s nice about it is that we are involved as a family so you don’t feel alone.”

For those critical of Zion appearing on the show, Richard said, “We know what we’re doing. We actually try to limit his exposure on the show naman, like, there’s a certain balance we’re maintaining. But obviously for Zion it’s like playtime lang for him.”

Asked if he will be proposing to Sarah on season five, Richard simply smiled and said, “Stay tuned.”

Life as a single mom

Ruffa Gutierrez is much more strict where it involves her daughters, 13-year-old Lorin and 12-year-old Venice.

“Maybe I’m taking after my mom,” she said, laughing. “I now understand kasi why she was so fearful about me back then. I’m actually fearful now. I really feel the need to protect Lorin and Venice.”

So how strict is strict, we asked.

“Well, at this point limited sila sa maraming bagay, like their showbiz exposure is limited, ’yung social media life nila is limited, mga ganu’n,” the 43-year old single mother said.

Ruffa is thankful her daughters are growing up responsible and well-mannered.

“They’re both so forgiving and loving and aware and masunurin,” she said. “Actually, they influenced me to become a better version of myself, in that I’m also more forgiving and loving now.”

The fifth season of “It Takes Gutz To Be A Gutierrez” is set to premier on E! on July 31. (With report from Jojo P. Panaligan)

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