ADVOCACY OR FUNDRAISING?: DILG warns vs federalism ‘advocates’ asking donations


DILG-6 Director Anthony Nuyda (Ricky Alejo photo)

THE Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG-6) warned the public against federalism “advocates” asking for monetary support or donations.

DILG-6 Regional Director Anthony Nuyda said his office has received complaints from almost all provinces in Western Visayas that some groups pushing for the shift from presidential to federal form of government are asking money from local government units (LGUs).

“We have issued several advisories that they cannot pressure the LGUs just because they are campaigning for federalism,” Nuyda said.

Nuyda said they cannot prevent persons or groups who support Pres. Rodrigo Duterte’s proposal to shift to the federal form of government as long as they are doing a legitimate campaign.

But he clarified that the DILG has yet to accredit a pro-federalism group since the agency is still in the process of accreditation.

Nuyda said DILG has invited five advocacy groups to a meeting.

“Once they are accredited, they will agree to use our advocacy template so that we will have uniform information disseminated to the public. And we could also coordinate our activities with them,” he said.

Mayor Millard Villanueva of Concepcion, Iloilo said three groups have approached their town to conduct orientation seminar.

He said he received reports that some “pro-federalism” groups required registration fee and issue identification card (ID) to those who will pay.

Villanueva said he advised the barangay officials to scrutinize the groups and discouraged them from providing financial support.

“I told them that there should be no contributions from our end. On the part of LGUs, we could only provide venue for the orientation and lecture,” he said.

Meanwhile, Nuyda said they continue with their own advocacy campaigns in different provinces.

Just last week, the DILG regional office summoned mayors, vice mayors and provincial board and city council members for a federalism seminar in Bacolod City.

Nuyda said they are using a temporary template in such seminars while they await the official federalism model.

He also shrugged off the speculation that the creation of federal states would erode or even eliminate DILG’s existence.

He said DILG will continue its function as long as the LGUs remain.

“If federalism pushes through, there is a proposal for national, federal, and regional governance. The question will be on which form of governance DILG will come in. The same goes for other national government agencies,” he added.

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