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One evening, Celebrity Husband (CH) decided to visit Busy Wife (BW) at the office.

For the past weeks, CH observed BW has been working tirelessly, even staying late in the office for hours on end and he thought it best to pick her up as surprise.

Well, he surprised himself seeing BW doing the dirty with the office’s newly hired Utility Guy (UG).

CH was dumbfounded. Though angry and hurt, he didn’t confront the two. Rather, he simply slammed the door shut and walked out.

When BW got home, a tearful CH asked her calmly why she did it and BW admitted it was simply because UG satisfies urges that CH could not.

In the end, the two agreed not to create a scandal of it and simply move forward.

‘Monogamy is desirable for many reasons, especially in creating a stable, emotionally connected home for children. But judging from centuries of human behavior, it is also a very difficult standard to meet.’ – Mary Gaitskill

(Illustrations by Rod Cañalita)

(Illustrations by Rod Cañalita)

Tightly-guarded secret

Given his talent and looks, it’s no surprise the network picked Versatile Performer (VP) for various projects.

Obviously, they are not aware of VP’s dark secret, something he has kept under wraps all these years.

According to rumors, VP used to be in a relationship with Closeted Male (CM).

CM was in another relationship then but VP’s aggressive pursuit of his heart, body and soul proved too much to resist.

The relationship allegedly lasted a few months with VP claiming CM cheated on him.

Now that he is making inroads in showbiz, VP is making sure nobody knows about his past, erasing all traces of it particularly on social media.

‘Everything has been written. Everybody knows everything about me. There are no secrets. Except the skeletons in my closet.’ – Kirby Puckett

Show ’em what you got

Good-looking Newbie (GN) has earned an ample number of haters who seem to be watching her every move.

Paired in a love team with Reel Partner (RP), the network is exerting good effort to make fans assume it could lead to a real relationship.

So far, this has been met with doubt, with some openly accusing everyone involved with out and out gimmickry.

It does not help that both GN and RP are believed to be already in separate relationships.

Meanwhile, co-workers have been criticizing GN for supposedly being too full of herself. But she is unmoved. If anything, she just make sure she is always a step ahead of her contemporaries in the network.

‘Most haters are stuck in a poisonous mental prison of jealousy and self-doubt that blinds them to their own potentiality.’ – Steve Maraboli


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