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Actress Chynna Ortaleza has settled in quite nicely into her role as wife and mother.

Chynna with Chef Boy

She admitted she has never been as happy all her life.

“Good thing, I found somebody whose comfortable with my nature,” she told Bulletin Entertainment, referring to husband, musician-actor Kean Cipriano.

“Like he doesn’t feel insulted ’pag minsan may nasasabi ako. Very strong kasi ’yung personality ko eh.”

According to Chynna, she and Kean rarely fight, not even about his huge female fandom.

“’Pag nga ’yung mga fans nag-cheer sa kanya, I find it funny. Natutuwa ako kasi feeling ko parang boy band (member) ’yung asawa ko,” she said. “I mean ’yung selos, pang teenager ’yun, tapos na kami du’n.”

If there is one challenge that Chynna is contending with nowadays, it’s that of improving her cooking abilities.

“I have zero experience in the kitchen,” she admitted. “I focused too much on my career that I forgot to improve on my domestic skills.”
Not that she and Kean fight about it.

“I’m lucky to have a husband who doesn’t put to much emphasis on meals,” Chynna related, sharing how Kean is happy with simple sandwich and coffee after a long day’s work.

“Ganu’n lang kami, then we just talk about our day,” she said. “Hindi siya ’yung demanding na husband na ‘Chynna luto mo ako ng kare-kare’ at 12 o’clock… very understanding naman ’yun.”

“Kean knew from that start that he married somebody who doesn’t cook and he doesn’t cook either so quits lang kami,” she added.
At the very least, Chynna knows how to cook sinigang.

“Eh kasi madali lang, I just need to put all the ingredients in one pot.”

Chynna Ortaleza and husband Kean Cipriano with their daughter Stellar (Instagram) /mb.com.ph

Chynna Ortaleza and husband Kean Cipriano with their daughter Stellar (Instagram)

But the secret to good sinigang is nailing just the right degree of sourness to the broth, we mentioned.

Seemingly unflustered, Chynna whispered with a smile: “Sachet girl ako,” indicating her penchant for ready-made seasoning.

In any case, like the dutiful wife and mother she is, Chynna is now making an effort to improve her cooking skills, searching YouTube, among other things, for short lessons.

Serendipity has become her friend too, with GMA tapping her as new co-host of Chef Boy Logro’s “Idol Sa Kusina.”

Naturally, Chynna is excited.

“This is really a good opportunity, it’s something my family needs,” she said.

Chynna added she learned so much after shooting her first episode.

“I tried to make arroz ala cubana at home and it was good,” she said.

“Tsaka in fairness kaya ko ng mag-crack ng egg with one hand.”

So, what does Kean have to say about her new job?

“Kean is very happy that I got this new job kasi he feels like ‘Uy, okay mabubusog na ako.’ He was actually very, very happy. I think all this time he’s just being kind to me… hindi niya lang sinasabi na ‘Chynna sana naman magluto ka na ng maayos.’ Eh ngayon, hindi na niya kailangan magsalita. I know I will learn a lot from ‘Idol Sa Kusina.’”

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