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Last Saturday I mentioned the doctrine of liberalism that teaches that “persons may and even should conduct their lives and the affairs of this world without reference to nothing higher than themselves”. This means that people should live according to their own will. They are free of any power as if God does not exist. Indeed people who live in accordance with liberalism have no need for God. They are their god.

This is not new because “being liberal” or nice has become a “norm” in the conduct of many human and political affairs.

From the rejection of Protestants of the exclusive authority reposed on the Church as a Depository of Faith, liberalism spread beyond matters of faith and morals into the secular world. People demanded on their rights more than their duties and they insist, as written in their constitutions, to be the sole sovereign.

The United States became the most liberal of nations and soon the rest of Europe extending far into the Baltic and Black seas. We hitched into the wagon.

The US constitution, for instance opened with the phrase “We the people” as the sole source of political authority. The 1935 Philippine Constitution imitated that liberalism of the US democracy and also opened with the phrase “The Filipino people” as the supreme political authority although it recognized God by adding “imploring the aid of Divine Providence”.

These declarations of principles had repercussions in the relations of the church and the state. It enshrined the principle of “separation of Church and State”. Thus liberalism erected a wall between religion and politics, breaking the relations between “altar and throne”. Under liberalism, one sphere is authority within itself and should not interfere with the authority of the other.

This separation was clear during the debate against contraception when the state insisted on its sole right to determine what is good for the woman. Indeed, the liberalized woman demands that she is the sole authority to decide what to do with her body or what kind of sexual orientation a person would adopt. In fact, the state, liberalism teaches, should respect and protect that decision. Morality or religion has nothing to do with these desires.

Thus was born the principle of individualism that even now challenges the authority of the state as it does of the Church. But let us set that subject aside for another time.

Two well known doctrine of liberalism are “freedom” and “equality”. They are famous because they are often quoted and demanded.

We must recall that when Satan tempted Eve and Eve tempted Adam, the devil’s sweetener was that Adam and Eve would become “as gods” who could decide for themselves what is right and what is wrong.

The same sweetener has led us to this principle of freedom and equality. We know for a fact that this is not true. Certainly there are things where these two would apply as in casting our votes or being served by the state or by those we paid to do what we wanted.

Liberalism places in our hands the power to decide what is evil and what is good, thus leaving God and his commandments out of the picture. People decide not subject to a higher power as God. From this denial of God springs many of “isms’ we have these days that make our lives so miserable.

But not all things are subjective, meaning they are not what we want them to be. There are objective truths that are beyond our capacity or authority. People can undergo a transgender operation but cannot change their being human.

This denial of God’s role in political and social life that has been declared by the liberals as the domain of man had so influenced our society that we can no longer claim that we are a Christian nation in the sense of what it truly is – that its laws and culture are attuned to God’s authority and will.

The adoption of contraceptives rejected God’s law on the sanctity of human life but decided on what is good for the woman and the state that wants to reduce the number of its people so it can have more money. The debate on the reintroduction of the death penalty supposedly to reduce the incidence of crime, and the proposed divorce law to “free” men and women likewise rule out God and His laws.*

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