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Erik Espina

By Erik Espina


This is the promise in paradise (Jannah) awaiting martyrdom (shahid) for “Mujaheedins” (Islamic warriors) in the Jihadist (ISIS) thinking. This is the reason strapping a bomb to the body and blasting oneself, an airplane crashing into a building, loading explosives in a vehicle as weapon, and decapitating infidels, “unbelievers” of other religions or even some Muslim sects has caused so much destruction with many innocent lives lost.

According to an Islamic scholar and respected teacher, Ustadz Najeeb Rasul Fernandez, “there is no basis in the Qur’an for such teaching”. I asked him in a TV interview in a local Cebu channel, “What about Islamic women (mujahid) fighters? When they are martyred, will there be 700 men virgins also awaiting them?” Ustadz Fernandez replied, “Muslims are allowed to have four wives. But in death you will be prized with 700 virgins!” After several interludes, you are already tired. How much more with so many for the taking? This is un-Islamic.”

“To be with Allah on the Day of Resurrection (Yawn al-Qiyamah) is the highest form of happiness,” added Ustadz Fernandez. This blind advocate hosted a TV program in Manila decades back. He was outspoken in promoting Islam and “Return to Islam” in his religious show. During our exchange, he confirmed the rising tide of “Wahhabism” (extremist teaching and thinking) among local Muslims in the Philippines, in Baguio, Metro Manila, Cebu, etc. This is a burgeoning problem also among conservative Muslims who believe true Islam is a religion of peace, forgiveness, and brotherly protection for “people of the book” – Christians and Jews.

He cited his own experience asking Filipino Muslims what sect they were. They responded, “Sunni.” Regretably, when further queried which of the four schools of Sunni (Hanafi, Maliki, Shafi’i, and Hanbali) guided them, they could not answer. In truth, they have been “Wahhabized.” Another fertile ground for TVC – “terrorist vulnerable community.”

Affirmation was made by my learned guest regarding the admonition once posted by Professor / author Adib Majul on “Re-enacting the foreign wars” in the Philippines that we should never permit the historical, tribal, cultural, religious, and political schisms, turmoil, war, and horrific violence in foreign Muslim countries, e.g., Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, and Iran, to enter Mindanao and the country.

PERSONAL: Deep condolences to the family of the late Mrs. Lourdes Salva Ynon who passed on at 81 years into her eternal life in Heaven. Our prayers of peace and consolation to Rommel, Kathleen, and their loved ones.

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