6 Female Directed Movies to Binge On this Weekend


Long weekends are made for vacations, may it be outside or inside, doing what we like the best. If the usual streaming agenda won’t do for the next three days, we thought a list of  movies by female directors might do you right.

In this small list, you’ll see a female director’s viewpoint of a man’s world, a iconic superhero, and a ’90s favorite that always brings us back to simpler days. Let us know which one sticks with you the most and if you have recommendations in our section below.


The Hurt Locker 

Dir: Kathryn Bigelow

I remember watching this back when it first came out and until now, I love how Kathryn drew out the inexplicable emotions that are harvested in the war zone. It’s a reflective look at a war that’s hotly debated in the world that exists outside the fragile everyday of the soldier deployed in Afghanistan.

The Virgin Suicides 

Dir: Sofia Coppola

Features upon features have been written about how Sofia’s aesthetic matched the dreamy and also dreadful story of the Lisbon sisters. It’s a piercing study into female puberty and sexual awakening that’s often subjected to the male gaze.

Wonder Woman 

Dir. Patty Jenkins

Of course, this movie has to be on the list. Aside from doing justice to one of the most iconic female superheroes, this movie was able to forward a lot of feminist ideals into pop culture, and give young girls an icon to look up to in the fantasy world.


Dir. Amy Heckerling

I like to believe that Cher Horowitz is one underrated hero. She was unapologetic over her fashion choices, she was intelligent, and she always managed to get her way.

The Iron Lady 

Dir. Phyllida Llyod

Though Margaret Thatcher is one polarizing figure in history, one must remember how she was one strong woman who challenged the male-dominated British government. In this movie, you will see the internal struggle she fought and triumphed over to earn her notorious moniker.

Whip It 

Dir. Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore’s directorial debut is a lighthearted story of roller-derby girls starring Ellen Page, Alia Shawkat, and herself. It’s fun look at female friendships that triumph despite failure.



Art by Lara Intong 

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