20% less traffic in Edsa? Petron peeling away


IS it true traffic jams in the metropolis are the least of our worries now? That at least 20 percent of gridlocks in our Metro roads had been reduced—all because of the one-month suspension imposed on Uber?

Hard to believe but, seemingly, it might be true. Could be true.

Statistics would show that before Uber’s suspension, some 58,000 vehicles had been under Uber/Grab operations for quite sometime now.   Almost half of that are Uber’s. Easily, this volume of cars could be blamed as contributory factors to traffic woes that had long been the bane of motorists and commuters alike.

However, the reduction of traffic snarls, especially at Edsa, could also be attributed to bus stations found along the Metro’s main artery being closed/suspended by the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB).

Because the LTFRB had found to its dismay that its “nose in, nose out” policy on buses along Edsa has not been truly, religiously, followed, some 10 bus companies had been ordered suspended, their stations’ gates padlocked. As I write this, the issue had yet to be resolved with finality.

The bus stations have been the cause of traffic irritants along Edsa, whether northbound or southbound. Their sheer number alone boggles the mind. How could they have ever acquired such sheer number of lots to mount their bus stations along Edsa? Worst, in LTFRB’s records, as well as that of city hall’s, not all of them hold valid franchises to operate; some bus stations were even discovered to have expired permits to operate. Grrr!

Too many LTFRB officials had come and gone, with no end in sight to this obviously scandalous situation. As a result, this had left errant bus operators free to manage their business scheme practically unimpeded. Meanwhile, the riding public and our law-abiding motorists, as well, are left to fend for themselves.

As of last count, from Edsa/Kamuning to Edsa/Aurora Blvd., there were at least 11 bus stations found along Edsa. And that’s not even a distance of 3 kilometers.

And on the other side of Edsa, from Cubao to West Avenue, almost the same number of bus stations are also found along Edsa.

Now, just imagine when all these bus stations suddenly dispatch their buses to enter/exit their stations all at the same time?

Chaos of horrific proportions would irreversibly ensue!   The so-called carmageddon happening would be an understatement!

There is this LTFRB move to fine Uber P190 million as a condition for the lifting of Uber’s one-month suspension for breach of operational rules. That amount approximates Uber’s one-month earnings, according to accounting experts.

It is the wish of Uber admirers that Uber would accept LTFRB’s compromise, arguing that they’ve suffered enough arising from Uber’s suspension.

Like Grab, Uber is an app-based taxi-like operation that ensures safe, comfortable and efficient ride for our commuters heavily reliant on public transport.

The P190-million fine being exacted on Uber is actually a small amount to pay, considering the bonanza of cash Uber is amassing by the day (P10 million, P15 million?).

And with Uber agreeing to pay it, more than public goodwill would be achieved:  humility at its apex.

Petron paints rosy year anew

AT the rate things are going for Petron, the country’s runaway No. 1 oil refiner may yet jack up earnings in an unbelievable high by year-end.

Already, Petron posted a 56-percent hike in income of P8.2 billion—up from P5.3 billion in the same period last year.

In a statement, Ramon S. Ang, or RSA, said: “With our upgraded refining capabilities, we derived more value and produced more profitable products.”

The Petron president and CEO also said, “This is strongly complemented by our extensive expansion efforts in both our logistics and retail businesses.”

In 2016 alone Petron sold 52.9 million barrels of products in the Philippines and Malaysia, our Asean neighbor that has 600 of the retail network of about 2,900 service stations nationwide.

One thing I like in Petron’s paradigm is its commitment to inclusive growth a.k.a. improvement of all.

“Our expansion projects mean more employment opportunities and economic activity, which help in nation-building,” RSA said.

Ride on, sir.

PEE STOP This early, I wish to express my deep gratitude to Dodo Cuenco of Toyota Cebu. His wholehearted support to my mission in the Queen City this week has made the family’s trip comfortable and virtually hassle-free.May your tribe increase, Dodo…Philippine Airlines (PAL) president Jaime J. Bautista is optimistic PAL’s first A350 arriving next year would fly to New York nonstop starting possibly in June. Aim high, Jaime boy!… Best wishes and congratulations to Earl Quiseo and Anne Entienza as they tie the knot at the Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod along Cebu’s South Reclamation Properties on September 7. Sometime ago, I stood as godfather in the wedding of Tony and Lorna, the proud parents of Anne Entienza. Time flies, indeed.


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